SIRIMUANPONG is an independent womenswear Label From bangkok.


SIRIMUANPONG began as a group of design professionals seeking creative self-expression as a break from their primary jobs. Essentially a hobby, the team simply sought to inspire one another, be creative, and to break the monotony of their daily lives.

The group’s founder, Kittima, started her career as a corporate clothing designer who felt the need to break the constraints of corporate clothing and experiment more with conceptual design and storytelling. Though she has not studied in fashion school, Kittima grew up in a family whose business was in textiles, spinning, and garments.

SIRIMUANPONG as a brand is dedicated to experimentation, inspiration, and is built on the principle that the process of designing and creating garments should be the most rewarding part of working on the brand. The SIRIMUANPONG team will continue to push itself to find new inspirations and to pursue self-expression through the process of designing.